pm4py is a software product, developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology (FIT). In particular, pm4py is developed by the process mining group of Fraunhofer FIT. The core of pm4py is developed on a private server maintained by Fraunhofer FIT. A public copy of this code is made available on GitHub under the GPL-License. Note that, this implies that any derivative work of pm4py, i.e., on the basis of the publicly available source code, also needs to be licensed under GPL. Hence, any derivative work, should be made available. In case you are interested to use pm4py, yet, in a closed-source manner, this is possible, i.e., we are able to share pm4py (the core) under a different license. Finally, note that, external contributions made to the public release of pm4py are by definition GPL-licensed, and therefore, only available on the public release of the source code, i.e., these contributions are not part of the core.
For more information, please contact us.

Open Source Usage

Install pm4py and run in out of the box, free of charge.
  • State-of-the-art algorithms.
  • Provides deeper insight than any commercial vendor.
  • Developed by the word-leading research group in process mining.
  • Make sure that your code is shared under GPL!

Closed-Source Usage

Get access to the repository, and customize pm4py to fit your needs.
  • All features of the previous option.
  • Customize the pm4py code to fit your needs.
  • Get access to features that are not yet public available.
  • Integrate you licensed software into the code.
  • Co-creation through collaborative research projects