pm4py.vis.view_process_tree(tree: ProcessTree, format: str = 'png', bgcolor: str = 'white', rankdir: str = 'LR')[source]#

Views a process tree

  • tree (ProcessTree) – Process tree

  • format (str) – Format of the visualization (if html is provided, GraphvizJS is used to render the visualization in an HTML page)

  • bgcolor (str) – Background color of the visualization (default: white)

  • rankdir (str) – sets the direction of the graph (“LR” for left-to-right; “TB” for top-to-bottom)

import pm4py

process_tree = pm4py.discover_process_tree_inductive(dataframe, activity_key='concept:name', case_id_key='case:concept:name', timestamp_key='time:timestamp')
pm4py.view_process_tree(process_tree, format='svg')