pm4py.utils.project_on_event_attribute(log: Union[EventLog, DataFrame], attribute_key='concept:name', case_id_key=None) List[List[str]][source]#

Project the event log on a specified event attribute. The result is a list, containing a list for each case: all the cases are transformed to list of values for the specified attribute.


pm4py.project_on_event_attribute(log, “concept:name”)

[[‘register request’, ‘examine casually’, ‘check ticket’, ‘decide’, ‘reinitiate request’, ‘examine thoroughly’, ‘check ticket’, ‘decide’, ‘pay compensation’], [‘register request’, ‘check ticket’, ‘examine casually’, ‘decide’, ‘pay compensation’], [‘register request’, ‘examine thoroughly’, ‘check ticket’, ‘decide’, ‘reject request’], [‘register request’, ‘examine casually’, ‘check ticket’, ‘decide’, ‘pay compensation’], [‘register request’, ‘examine casually’, ‘check ticket’, ‘decide’, ‘reinitiate request’, ‘check ticket’, ‘examine casually’, ‘decide’, ‘reinitiate request’, ‘examine casually’, ‘check ticket’, ‘decide’, ‘reject request’], [‘register request’, ‘check ticket’, ‘examine thoroughly’, ‘decide’, ‘reject request’]]

  • log – Event log / Pandas dataframe

  • attribute_key (str) – The attribute to be used

  • case_id_key – The attribute to be used as case identifier

Return type:


import pm4py

list_list_activities = pm4py.project_on_event_attribute(dataframe, 'concept:name')