pm4py.ocel.discover_oc_petri_net(ocel: OCEL, inductive_miner_variant: str = 'im', diagnostics_with_tbr: bool = False) Dict[str, Any][source]#

Discovers an object-centric Petri net from the provided object-centric event log.

Reference paper: van der Aalst, Wil MP, and Alessandro Berti. “Discovering object-centric Petri nets.” Fundamenta informaticae 175.1-4 (2020): 1-40.

  • ocel (OCEL) – object-centric event log

  • inductive_miner_variant (str) – specify the variant of the inductive miner to be used (“im” for traditional; “imd” for the faster inductive miner directly-follows)

  • diagnostics_with_tbr (bool) – (boolean) enables the computation of some diagnostics using token-based replay

Return type:

Dict[str, Any]

import pm4py

ocpn = pm4py.discover_oc_petri_net(ocel)