pm4py.filtering.filter_ocel_cc_object(ocel: OCEL, object_id: str, conn_comp: Optional[List[List[str]]] = None, return_conn_comp: bool = False) Union[OCEL, Tuple[OCEL, List[List[str]]]][source]#

Returns the connected component of the object-centric event log to which the object with the provided identifier belongs.

  • ocel (OCEL) – object-centric event log

  • object_id (str) – object identifier

  • conn_comp – (optional) connected components of the objects of the OCEL

  • return_conn_comp (bool) – if True, returns the computed connected components of the OCEL

Return type:

Union[OCEL, Tuple[OCEL, List[List[str]]]]

import pm4py

ocel = pm4py.read_ocel('log.jsonocel')
filtered_ocel = pm4py.filter_ocel_cc_object(ocel, 'order1')