The pm4py.convert module contains the cross-conversions implemented in pm4py


convert_log_to_networkx(log[, include_df, ...])

Converts an event log object to a NetworkX DiGraph object.

convert_log_to_ocel(log[, activity_column, ...])

Converts an event log to an object-centric event log with one or more than one object types.

convert_log_to_time_intervals(log[, ...])

Gets a list of intervals from an event log.

convert_ocel_to_networkx(ocel[, variant])

Converts an OCEL to a NetworkX DiGraph object.

convert_petri_net_to_networkx(net, im, fm)

Converts a Petri net to a NetworkX DiGraph.

convert_petri_net_type(net, im, fm[, type])

Changes the Petri net (internal) type


Converts an object to a BPMN diagram.

convert_to_dataframe(obj, **kwargs)

Converts a log object to a dataframe

convert_to_event_log(obj[, case_id_key])

Converts a DataFrame/EventStream object to an event log object

convert_to_event_stream(obj[, case_id_key])

Converts a log object to an event stream


Converts an input model to an (accepting) Petri net.


Converts an input model to a process tree.


Converts an input model to a reachability graph (transition system).