pm4py.convert.convert_to_reachability_graph(*args: Union[Tuple[PetriNet, Marking, Marking], BPMN, ProcessTree]) TransitionSystem[source]#

Converts an input model to a reachability graph (transition system). The input models can either be Petri nets (with markings), BPMN models or process trees. The output is the state-space of the model (i.e., the reachability graph), enocdoed as a TransitionSystem object.


args – petri net (along with initial and final marking), process tree or BPMN

Return type:


import pm4py

# reads a Petri net from a file
net, im, fm = pm4py.read_pnml("tests/input_data/running-example.pnml")
# converts it to reachability graph
reach_graph = pm4py.convert_to_reachability_graph(net, im, fm)