pm4py.convert.convert_log_to_ocel(log: Union[EventLog, EventStream, DataFrame], activity_column: str = 'concept:name', timestamp_column: str = 'time:timestamp', object_types: Optional[Collection[str]] = None, obj_separator: str = ' AND ', additional_event_attributes: Optional[Collection[str]] = None) OCEL[source]#

Converts an event log to an object-centric event log with one or more than one object types.

  • log_obj – log object

  • activity_column (str) – activity column

  • timestamp_column (str) – timestamp column

  • object_types – list of columns to consider as object types

  • obj_separator (str) – separator between different objects in the same column

  • additional_event_attributes – additional attributes to be considered as event attributes in the OCEL

Return type: