pm4py.connectors.extract_ocel_outlook_calendar(email_user: Optional[str] = None, calendar_id: int = 9) OCEL[source]#

Extracts the history of the calendar events (creation, update, start, end) as an object-centric event log from the local Outlook instance running on the current computer.

ACTIVITY (ocel:activity) => one between: Meeting Created, Last Change of Meeting, Meeting Started, Meeting Completed TIMESTAMP (ocel:timestamp) => the timestamp of the event

Object types: - case:concept:name => identifier of the meeting - case:subject => the subject of the meeting

  • email_user – (optional) e-mail address from which the (shared) calendar should be extracted

  • calendar_id (int) – identifier of the calendar for the given user (default: 9)

Return type: