pm4py.connectors.extract_ocel_github(owner: str = 'pm4py', repo: str = 'pm4py-core', auth_token: Optional[str] = None) OCEL[source]#

Extracts a dataframe containing the history of the issues of a Github repository. According to the API limit rate of public/registered users, only a part of the events can be returned.

ACTIVITY (ocel:activity) => the event (created, commented, closed, subscribed …) TIMESTAMP (ocel:timestamp) => the timestamp of execution of the event

Object types: - case:concept:name => the URL of the events related to the issue - org:resource => the involved resource - case:repo => the repository in which the issue is created

  • owner (str) – owner of the repository (e.g., pm4py)

  • repo (str) – name of the repository (e.g., pm4py-core)

  • auth_token – authorization token

Return type: