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import shutil
import tempfile
from enum import Enum

import numpy as np

from pm4py.util import exec_utils, vis_utils

[docs]class Parameters(Enum): WEIGHT_THRESHOLD = "weight_threshold"
[docs]def get_temp_file_name(format): """ Gets a temporary file name for the image Parameters ------------ format Format of the target image """ filename = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(suffix='.' + format) return
[docs]def apply(metric_values, parameters=None): """ Perform SNA visualization starting from the Matrix Container object and the Resource-Resource matrix Parameters ------------- metric_values Value of the metrics parameters Possible parameters of the algorithm, including: - Parameters.WEIGHT_THRESHOLD -> the weight threshold to use in displaying the graph Returns ------------- temp_file_name Name of a temporary file where the visualization is placed """ from import Network if parameters is None: parameters = {} weight_threshold = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.WEIGHT_THRESHOLD, parameters, 0) directed = metric_values[2] temp_file_name = get_temp_file_name("html") rows, cols = np.where(metric_values[0] > weight_threshold) weights = list() for x in range(len(rows)): weights.append(metric_values[0][rows[x]][cols[x]]) got_net = Network(height="750px", width="100%", bgcolor="black", font_color="#3de975", directed=directed) # set the physics layout of the network got_net.barnes_hut() edge_data = zip(rows, cols, weights) for e in edge_data: src = metric_values[1][e[0]] # convert ids to labels dst = metric_values[1][e[1]] w = e[2] # I have to add some options here, there is no parameter highlight = {'border': "#3de975", 'background': "#41e9df"} # color = {'border': "#000000", 'background': "#123456"} got_net.add_node(src, src, title=src, labelHighlightBold=True, color={'highlight': highlight}) got_net.add_node(dst, dst, title=dst, labelHighlightBold=True, color={'highlight': highlight}) got_net.add_edge(src, dst, value=w, title=w) neighbor_map = got_net.get_adj_list() dict = got_net.get_edges() # add neighbor data to node hover data for node in got_net.nodes: counter = 0 if directed: node["title"] = "<h3>" + node["title"] + " Output Links: </h3>" else: node["title"] = "<h3>" + node["title"] + " Links: </h3>" for neighbor in neighbor_map[node["id"]]: if (counter % 10 == 0): node["title"] += "<br>::: " + neighbor else: node["title"] += " ::: " + neighbor node["value"] = len(neighbor_map[node["id"]]) counter += 1 got_net.show_buttons(filter_=['nodes', 'edges', 'physics']) got_net.write_html(temp_file_name) return temp_file_name
[docs]def view(temp_file_name, parameters=None): """ View the SNA visualization on the screen Parameters ------------- temp_file_name Temporary file name parameters Possible parameters of the algorithm """ if parameters is None: parameters = {} if vis_utils.check_visualization_inside_jupyter(): raise Exception("pyvis visualization not working inside Jupyter notebooks") else: vis_utils.open_opsystem_image_viewer(temp_file_name)
[docs]def save(temp_file_name, dest_file, parameters=None): """ Save the SNA visualization from a temporary file to a well-defined destination file Parameters ------------- temp_file_name Temporary file name dest_file Destination file parameters Possible parameters of the algorithm """ if parameters is None: parameters = {} shutil.copyfile(temp_file_name, dest_file)