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import tempfile
from copy import deepcopy
from enum import Enum

from graphviz import Graph

from pm4py.objects.process_tree.utils import generic
from pm4py.util import exec_utils
from typing import Optional, Dict, Any, Union
from pm4py.objects.process_tree.obj import ProcessTree
import graphviz

[docs]class Parameters(Enum): FORMAT = "format" COLOR_MAP = "color_map" ENABLE_DEEPCOPY = "enable_deepcopy" FONT_SIZE = "font_size" BGCOLOR = "bgcolor"
# maps the operators to the ProM strings operators_mapping = {"->": "seq", "X": "xor", "+": "and", "*": "xor loop", "O": "or", "<>": "interleaving"}
[docs]def get_color(node, color_map): """ Gets a color for a node from the color map Parameters -------------- node Node color_map Color map """ if node in color_map: return color_map[node] return "black"
[docs]def repr_tree_2(tree, viz, color_map, parameters): font_size = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.FONT_SIZE, parameters, 15) font_size = str(font_size) this_node_id = str(id(tree)) if tree.operator is None: if tree.label is None: viz.node(this_node_id, "tau", style='filled', fillcolor='black', shape='point', width="0.075", fontsize=font_size) else: node_color = get_color(tree, color_map) viz.node(this_node_id, str(tree), color=node_color, fontcolor=node_color, fontsize=font_size) else: node_color = get_color(tree, color_map) viz.node(this_node_id, operators_mapping[str(tree.operator)], color=node_color, fontcolor=node_color, fontsize=font_size) for child in tree.children: repr_tree_2(child, viz, color_map, parameters) if tree.parent is not None: viz.edge(str(id(tree.parent)), this_node_id, dirType='none')
[docs]def apply(tree: ProcessTree, parameters: Optional[Dict[Union[str, Parameters], Any]] = None) -> graphviz.Graph: """ Obtain a Process Tree representation through GraphViz Parameters ----------- tree Process tree parameters Possible parameters of the algorithm Returns ----------- gviz GraphViz object """ if parameters is None: parameters = {} filename = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(suffix='.gv') bgcolor = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.BGCOLOR, parameters, "transparent") viz = Graph("pt",, engine='dot', graph_attr={'bgcolor': bgcolor}) viz.attr('node', shape='ellipse', fixedsize='false') image_format = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.FORMAT, parameters, "png") color_map = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.COLOR_MAP, parameters, {}) enable_deepcopy = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.ENABLE_DEEPCOPY, parameters, True) if enable_deepcopy: # since the process tree object needs to be sorted in the visualization, make a deepcopy of it before # proceeding tree = deepcopy(tree) generic.tree_sort(tree) repr_tree_2(tree, viz, color_map, parameters) viz.attr(overlap='false') viz.attr(splines='false') viz.format = image_format return viz