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import uuid
from typing import Optional, Dict, Any
from graphviz import Digraph
from enum import Enum
from pm4py.util import exec_utils
import tempfile
from pm4py.util import vis_utils
from pm4py.objects.petri_net.obj import PetriNet

[docs]class Parameters(Enum): FORMAT = "format" BGCOLOR = "bgcolor" RANKDIR = "rankdir"
[docs]def ot_to_color(ot: str) -> str: ot = int(hash(ot)) num = [] while len(num) < 6: num.insert(0, ot % 16) ot = ot // 16 ret = "#" + "".join([vis_utils.get_corr_hex(x) for x in num]) return ret
[docs]def apply(ocpn: Dict[str, Any], parameters: Optional[Dict[Any, Any]] = None) -> Digraph: """ Obtains a visualization of the provided object-centric Petri net (without decoration). Reference paper: van der Aalst, Wil MP, and Alessandro Berti. "Discovering object-centric Petri nets." Fundamenta informaticae 175.1-4 (2020): 1-40. Parameters ---------------- ocpn Object-centric Petri net variant Variant of the algorithm to be used parameters Variant-specific parameters: - Parameters.FORMAT => the format of the visualization ("png", "svg", ...) - Parameters.BGCOLOR => the background color - Parameters.RANKDIR => the rank direction (LR = left-right, TB = top-bottom) Returns --------------- gviz Graphviz digraph """ if parameters is None: parameters = {} image_format = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.FORMAT, parameters, "png") bgcolor = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.BGCOLOR, parameters, "transparent") rankdir = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.RANKDIR, parameters, "LR") filename = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(suffix='.gv') viz = Digraph("ocdfg",, engine='dot', graph_attr={'bgcolor': bgcolor}) viz.attr('node', shape='ellipse', fixedsize='false') activities_map = {} source_places = {} target_places = {} transition_map = {} places = {} for act in ocpn["activities"]: activities_map[act] = str(uuid.uuid4()) viz.node(activities_map[act], label=act, shape="box") for ot in ocpn["object_types"]: otc = ot_to_color(ot) source_places[ot] = str(uuid.uuid4()) target_places[ot] = str(uuid.uuid4()) viz.node(source_places[ot], label=ot, shape="ellipse", style="filled", fillcolor=otc) viz.node(target_places[ot], label=ot, shape="underline", fontcolor=otc) for ot in ocpn["petri_nets"]: otc = ot_to_color(ot) net, im, fm = ocpn["petri_nets"][ot] for place in net.places: if place in im: places[place] = source_places[ot] elif place in fm: places[place] = target_places[ot] else: places[place] = str(uuid.uuid4()) viz.node(places[place], label=" ", shape="circle", style="filled", fillcolor=otc) for trans in net.transitions: if trans.label is not None: transition_map[trans] = activities_map[trans.label] else: transition_map[trans] = str(uuid.uuid4()) viz.node(transition_map[trans], label=" ", shape="box", style="filled", fillcolor=otc) for arc in net.arcs: if type(arc.source) is PetriNet.Place: is_double = in ocpn["double_arcs_on_activity"][ot] and ocpn["double_arcs_on_activity"][ot][] penwidth = "4.0" if is_double else "1.0" viz.edge(places[arc.source], transition_map[], color=otc, penwidth=penwidth) elif type(arc.source) is PetriNet.Transition: is_double = arc.source.label in ocpn["double_arcs_on_activity"][ot] and ocpn["double_arcs_on_activity"][ot][arc.source.label] penwidth = "4.0" if is_double else "1.0" viz.edge(transition_map[arc.source], places[], color=otc, penwidth=penwidth) viz.attr(rankdir=rankdir) viz.format = image_format return viz