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import re
import deprecation

[docs]@deprecation.deprecated("2.2.11", "3.0.0", details="removed") def check_reg_matching(reg, stringa): """ Check if a regular expression matches a given string Parameters ------------- reg Regular expression stringa String Returns ------------- boolean Matches or not? """ if type(reg) is str: reg = re.compile(reg) match = re.match(reg, stringa) if match is not None: stru = str(match) if "match='" in stru: stru = str(match).split("match='")[1].split("'")[0] elif "match=\"" in stru: stru = str(match).split("match=\"")[1].split("\"")[0] else: raise Exception("match not contained in the match") if len(stru) == 0: #print(stru, stringa) #print(len(stru), len(stringa)) #input() return False return True else: return False
[docs]@deprecation.deprecated("2.2.11", "3.0.0", details="removed") def regex_replace_mapping(reg_stri, mapping, special_char="@@", parameters=None): """ Replace strings in a regex given the mapping Parameters ------------- reg_stri Regex string mapping Mapping special_char Specification of the special character parameters Parameters of the algorithm Returns ------------ reg Compiled Regex where the elements where replaced according to the mapping """ if parameters is None: parameters = {} splitting = reg_stri.split(special_char) for i in range(len(splitting)): if splitting[i] in mapping: splitting[i] = mapping[splitting[i]] reg_stri = "".join(splitting) reg = re.compile(reg_stri) return reg
[docs]def get_new_char(label, shared_obj): """ Get a new single character describing the activity, for the regex Parameters ------------ label Label of the transition shared_obj Shared object """ list_to_avoid = ["[", "]", "(", ")", "*", "+", "^", "?", "\r", "\n", " ", "\t", "$", "\"", "!", "#", "&", "%", "|", ".", ",", ";", "-", "'", "\\", "/", "{", "}", "$"] shared_obj.count_char = shared_obj.count_char + 1 while chr(shared_obj.count_char) in list_to_avoid: shared_obj.count_char = shared_obj.count_char + 1 shared_obj.mapping_dictio[label] = chr(shared_obj.count_char)
[docs]class SharedObj: def __init__(self): self.mapping_dictio = None if self.mapping_dictio is None: self.mapping_dictio = {} self.count_char = 0