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[docs]class IncidenceMatrix(object): def __init__(self, net): self.__A, self.__place_indices, self.__transition_indices = self.__construct_matrix(net)
[docs] def encode_marking(self, marking): x = [0 for i in range(len(self.places))] for p in marking: x[self.places[p]] = marking[p] return x
def __get_a_matrix(self): return self.__A def __get_transition_indices(self): return self.__transition_indices def __get_place_indices(self): return self.__place_indices def __construct_matrix(self, net): self.matrix_built = True p_index, t_index = {}, {} places = sorted([x for x in net.places], key=lambda x: (str(, id(x))) transitions = sorted([x for x in net.transitions], key=lambda x: (str(, id(x))) for p in places: p_index[p] = len(p_index) for t in transitions: t_index[t] = len(t_index) a_matrix = [[0 for i in range(len(t_index))] for j in range(len(p_index))] for p in net.places: for a in p.in_arcs: a_matrix[p_index[p]][t_index[a.source]] += 1 for a in p.out_arcs: a_matrix[p_index[p]][t_index[]] -= 1 return a_matrix, p_index, t_index a_matrix = property(__get_a_matrix) places = property(__get_place_indices) transitions = property(__get_transition_indices)
[docs]def construct(net): return IncidenceMatrix(net)