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from pm4py.util import constants
from pm4py.util import xes_constants as xes
from pm4py.objects.log.obj import EventLog
from pm4py.objects.conversion.log import converter as log_converter
from pm4py.objects.log.util import sorting
from pm4py.util.business_hours import BusinessHours
import deprecation

[docs]@deprecation.deprecated('2.2.7', '3.0.0') def insert_time_from_previous(log, parameters=None): """ Inserts the time from the previous event, both in normal and business hours Parameters ------------- log Event log parameters Parameters of the algorithm Returns ------------- enriched_log Enriched log (with the time passed from the previous event) """ if parameters is None: parameters = {} timestamp_key = parameters[ constants.PARAMETER_CONSTANT_TIMESTAMP_KEY] if constants.PARAMETER_CONSTANT_TIMESTAMP_KEY in parameters else xes.DEFAULT_TIMESTAMP_KEY worktiming = parameters["worktiming"] if "worktiming" in parameters else [7, 17] weekends = parameters["weekends"] if "weekends" in parameters else [6, 7] if not type(log) is EventLog: log = log_converter.apply(log) log = sorting.sort_timestamp_log(log, timestamp_key) for trace in log: if trace: trace[0]["@@passed_time_from_previous"] = 0 trace[0]["@@approx_bh_passed_time_from_previous"] = 0 i = 1 while i < len(trace): trace[i]["@@passed_time_from_previous"] = (trace[i][timestamp_key] - trace[i - 1][timestamp_key]).total_seconds() bh = BusinessHours(trace[i - 1][timestamp_key].replace(tzinfo=None), trace[i][timestamp_key].replace(tzinfo=None), worktiming=worktiming, weekends=weekends) trace[i]["@@approx_bh_passed_time_from_previous"] = bh.getseconds() i = i + 1 return log