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from pm4py.objects.log.obj import EventLog, XESExtension
from typing import Optional, Dict, Any, Union
from enum import Enum
from pm4py.util import exec_utils
from copy import deepcopy

[docs]class Parameters(Enum): ENABLE_DEEPCOPY = "enable_deepcopy"
[docs]def apply(log: EventLog, parameters: Optional[Dict[Union[str, Parameters], Any]] = None) -> EventLog: """ Moves the attributes that are constant for all the events of the trace, and they do not belong to a standard extension, to the trace level Parameters ---------------- log Event log parameters Parameters of the algorithm, including: - Parameters.DEEPCOPY => enables the deepcopy of the event log Returns ---------------- log Event log, where some attribute has been possibly moved from the event to the trace level """ if parameters is None: parameters = {} enable_deepcopy = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.ENABLE_DEEPCOPY, parameters, False) if enable_deepcopy: log = deepcopy(log) main_extensions = set() for e in XESExtension: main_extensions.add(e.value[1]) candidates = None for trace in log: values_count = {} for eve in trace: for attr in eve: if attr.split(":")[0] not in main_extensions: if attr not in trace.attributes: if attr not in values_count: values_count[attr] = [eve[attr]] else: values_count[attr].append(eve[attr]) trace_candidates = set(x for x in values_count if len(values_count[x]) == len(trace) and len(set(values_count[x])) == 1) if candidates is not None: candidates = trace_candidates.intersection(candidates) else: candidates = trace_candidates for attr in candidates: for trace in log: trace.attributes[attr] = trace[0][attr] for ev in trace: del ev[attr] return log