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[docs]class Edge: def __init__(self, start_node, end_node, dependency_value, dfg_value, repr_value, label="", repr_color="#000000", edge_type="frequency", net_name=""): """ Constructor Parameters ------------ start_node Start node of the edge end_node End node of the edge dependency_value Dependency value of the edge dfg_value DFG value of the edge repr_value Value used in the representation label (If provided) label of the edge repr_color (If provided) Color that shall represent the edge edge_type Type of the edge (frequency or performance) net_name (If provided) name of the Heuristics Net """ self.start_node = start_node self.end_node = end_node self.dependency_value = dependency_value self.dfg_value = dfg_value self.repr_value = repr_value self.label = label self.repr_color = repr_color self.edge_type = edge_type self.net_name = net_name self.repr_font_color = None self.pen_width = None
[docs] def get_color(self): """ Gets the color to use for the representation """ return self.repr_color
[docs] def get_font_color(self): """ Gets the font color to use for the representation """ if self.repr_font_color is not None: return self.repr_font_color return self.repr_color
[docs] def get_penwidth(self, default): """ Gets the pen width to use for the representation Parameters -------------- default Default value """ if self.pen_width is not None: return self.pen_width return default