Source code for pm4py.objects.conversion.process_tree.variants.to_petri_net_transition_bordered

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from pm4py.objects.petri_net import obj
from pm4py.objects.petri_net.utils import petri_utils as pn_util
from pm4py.objects.process_tree.obj import Operator as pt_opt

[docs]def apply(tree, parameters=None): ''' Only supports loops with 2 children! :param tree: :return: ''' net = obj.PetriNet(name=str(tree)) if len(tree.children) == 0: pn_util.add_transition(net, label=tree.label, name=str(id(tree))) else: sub_nets = list() for c in tree.children: sub_net, ini, fin = apply(c) sub_nets.append(sub_net) pn_util.merge(net, sub_nets) switch = { pt_opt.SEQUENCE: construct_sequence_pattern, pt_opt.XOR: construct_xor_pattern, pt_opt.PARALLEL: construct_and_pattern, pt_opt.LOOP: construct_loop_pattern } net, ini, fin = switch[tree.operator](net, sub_nets) if tree.parent is None: p_ini = pn_util.add_place(net) p_fin = pn_util.add_place(net) pn_util.add_arc_from_to(p_ini, _get_src_transition(net), net) pn_util.add_arc_from_to(_get_sink_transition(net), p_fin, net) return net, obj.Marking({p_ini: 1}), obj.Marking({p_fin: 1}) return net, obj.Marking(), obj.Marking()
def _get_src_transition(sub_net): for t in sub_net.transitions: if len(pn_util.pre_set(t)) == 0: return t return None def _get_sink_transition(sub_net): for t in sub_net.transitions: if len(pn_util.post_set(t)) == 0: return t return None def _add_src_sink_transitions(net, p_s, p_t): src = pn_util.add_transition(net) pn_util.add_arc_from_to(src, p_s, net) sink = pn_util.add_transition(net) pn_util.add_arc_from_to(p_t, sink, net) return net, obj.Marking(), obj.Marking()
[docs]def construct_sequence_pattern(net, sub_nets): places = [None] * (len(sub_nets) + 1) for i in range(len(sub_nets) + 1): places[i] = pn_util.add_place(net) for i in range(len(sub_nets)): pn_util.add_arc_from_to(places[i], _get_src_transition(sub_nets[i]), net) pn_util.add_arc_from_to(_get_sink_transition(sub_nets[i]), places[i + 1], net) src = pn_util.add_transition(net) pn_util.add_arc_from_to(src, places[0], net) sink = pn_util.add_transition(net) pn_util.add_arc_from_to(places[len(places) - 1], sink, net) return net, obj.Marking(), obj.Marking()
[docs]def construct_xor_pattern(net, sub_nets): p_s = pn_util.add_place(net) p_o = pn_util.add_place(net) for n in sub_nets: pn_util.add_arc_from_to(p_s, _get_src_transition(n), net) pn_util.add_arc_from_to(_get_sink_transition(n), p_o, net) return _add_src_sink_transitions(net, p_s, p_o)
[docs]def construct_and_pattern(net, sub_nets): p_s = [None] * len(sub_nets) p_t = [None] * len(sub_nets) for i in range(len(sub_nets)): p_s[i] = pn_util.add_place(net) p_t[i] = pn_util.add_place(net) pn_util.add_arc_from_to(p_s[i], _get_src_transition(sub_nets[i]), net) pn_util.add_arc_from_to(_get_sink_transition(sub_nets[i]), p_t[i], net) src = pn_util.add_transition(net) for p in p_s: pn_util.add_arc_from_to(src, p, net) sink = pn_util.add_transition(net) for p in p_t: pn_util.add_arc_from_to(p, sink, net) return net, obj.Marking(), obj.Marking()
[docs]def construct_loop_pattern(net, sub_nets): assert (len(sub_nets) == 2) p_s = pn_util.add_place(net) p_t = pn_util.add_place(net) pn_util.add_arc_from_to(p_s, _get_src_transition(sub_nets[0]), net) pn_util.add_arc_from_to(p_t, _get_src_transition(sub_nets[1]), net) pn_util.add_arc_from_to(_get_sink_transition(sub_nets[0]), p_t, net) pn_util.add_arc_from_to(_get_sink_transition(sub_nets[1]), p_s, net) net, ini, fin = _add_src_sink_transitions(net, p_s, p_t) return net, obj.Marking(), obj.Marking()