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import networkx as nx
import numpy as np
from pm4py.evaluation.soundness.woflan.graphs import utility as helper

[docs]def apply(net, initial_marking, original_net=None): """ Method that computes a reachability graph as networkx object :param net: Petri Net :param initial_marking: Initial Marking of the Petri Net :param original_net: Petri Net without short-circuited transition :return: Networkx Graph that represents the reachability graph of the Petri Net """ initial_marking = helper.convert_marking(net, initial_marking, original_net) firing_dict = helper.split_incidence_matrix(helper.compute_incidence_matrix(net), net) req_dict = helper.compute_firing_requirement(net) look_up_indices = {} j = 0 reachability_graph = nx.MultiDiGraph() reachability_graph.add_node(j, marking=initial_marking) working_set = set() working_set.add(j) look_up_indices[np.array2string(initial_marking)] = j j += 1 while len(working_set) > 0: m = working_set.pop() possible_markings = helper.enabled_markings(firing_dict, req_dict, reachability_graph.nodes[m]['marking']) for marking in possible_markings: if np.array2string(marking[0]) not in look_up_indices: look_up_indices[np.array2string(marking[0])] = j reachability_graph.add_node(j, marking=marking[0]) working_set.add(j) reachability_graph.add_edge(m, j, transition=marking[1]) j += 1 else: reachability_graph.add_edge(m, look_up_indices[np.array2string(marking[0])], transition=marking[1]) return reachability_graph