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from enum import Enum
from pm4py.util import exec_utils, constants, xes_constants
from pm4py.objects.ocel import constants as ocel_constants
from collections import Counter
from pm4py.objects.ocel.obj import OCEL
from typing import Optional, Dict, Any
from pm4py.statistics.ocel import objects_ot_count
from pm4py.objects.ocel.util import filtering_utils
from copy import copy

[docs]class Parameters(Enum): EVENT_ID = ocel_constants.PARAM_EVENT_ID OBJECT_ID = ocel_constants.PARAM_OBJECT_ID OBJECT_TYPE = ocel_constants.PARAM_OBJECT_TYPE
[docs]def apply(ocel: OCEL, min_num_obj_type: Dict[str, int], parameters: Optional[Dict[Any, Any]] = None) -> OCEL: """ Filters the events of the object-centric logs which are related to at least the specified amount of objects per type. E.g. apply(ocel, {"order": 1, "element": 2}) Would keep the following events: ocel:eid ocel:timestamp ocel:activity ocel:type:element ocel:type:order 0 e1 1980-01-01 Create Order [i4, i1, i3, i2] [o1] 1 e11 1981-01-01 Create Order [i6, i5] [o2] 2 e14 1981-01-04 Create Order [i8, i7] [o3] Parameters ------------------ ocel Object-centric event log min_num_obj_type Minimum number of objects per type parameters Parameters of the filter, including: - Parameters.EVENT_ID => the event identifier - Parameters.OBJECT_ID => the object identifier - Parameters.OBJECT_TYPE => the object type Returns ----------------- filtered_event_log Filtered object-centric event log """ if parameters is None: parameters = {} event_id = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.EVENT_ID, parameters, ocel.event_id_column) object_id = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.OBJECT_ID, parameters, ocel.object_id_column) object_type = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.OBJECT_TYPE, parameters, ocel.object_type_column) num_obj = objects_ot_count.get_objects_ot_count(ocel, parameters=parameters) filt_evs = set() for evid, evobjs in num_obj.items(): is_ok = True for k, v in min_num_obj_type.items(): if not k in evobjs: is_ok = False break elif evobjs[k] < v: is_ok = False break if is_ok: filt_evs.add(evid) ocel = copy(ocel) =[[event_id].isin(filt_evs)] return filtering_utils.propagate_event_filtering(ocel, parameters=parameters)