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from pm4py.objects import log as log_lib
from pm4py.algo.evaluation.precision import utils as precision_utils
from pm4py.objects.petri_net.utils import align_utils as utils, check_soundness
from pm4py.objects.petri_net.obj import Marking
from pm4py.objects.petri_net.utils.petri_utils import construct_trace_net
from pm4py.objects.petri_net.utils.synchronous_product import construct
from pm4py.statistics.start_activities.log.get import get_start_activities
from pm4py.objects.petri_net.utils.align_utils import get_visible_transitions_eventually_enabled_by_marking
from pm4py.util import exec_utils
from pm4py.util import xes_constants
import pkgutil
from enum import Enum
from pm4py.util import constants
from typing import Optional, Dict, Any, Union, Tuple
from pm4py.objects.log.obj import EventLog, EventStream
from pm4py.objects.petri_net.obj import PetriNet, Marking
import pandas as pd

[docs]class Parameters(Enum): ACTIVITY_KEY = constants.PARAMETER_CONSTANT_ACTIVITY_KEY TOKEN_REPLAY_VARIANT = "token_replay_variant" CLEANING_TOKEN_FLOOD = "cleaning_token_flood" SHOW_PROGRESS_BAR = "show_progress_bar" MULTIPROCESSING = "multiprocessing" CORES = "cores"
[docs]def apply(log: Union[EventLog, EventStream, pd.DataFrame], net: PetriNet, marking: Marking, final_marking: Marking, parameters: Optional[Dict[Union[str, Parameters], Any]] = None) -> float: """ Get Align-ET Conformance precision Parameters ---------- log Trace log net Petri net marking Initial marking final_marking Final marking parameters Parameters of the algorithm, including: Parameters.ACTIVITY_KEY -> Activity key """ if parameters is None: parameters = {} debug_level = parameters["debug_level"] if "debug_level" in parameters else 0 activity_key = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.ACTIVITY_KEY, parameters, log_lib.util.xes.DEFAULT_NAME_KEY) # default value for precision, when no activated transitions (not even by looking at the initial marking) are found precision = 1.0 sum_ee = 0 sum_at = 0 unfit = 0 if not check_soundness.check_easy_soundness_net_in_fin_marking(net, marking, final_marking): raise Exception("trying to apply Align-ETConformance on a Petri net that is not a easy sound net!!") prefixes, prefix_count = precision_utils.get_log_prefixes(log, activity_key=activity_key) prefixes_keys = list(prefixes.keys()) fake_log = precision_utils.form_fake_log(prefixes_keys, activity_key=activity_key) align_stop_marking = align_fake_log_stop_marking(fake_log, net, marking, final_marking, parameters=parameters) all_markings = transform_markings_from_sync_to_original_net(align_stop_marking, net, parameters=parameters) for i in range(len(prefixes)): markings = all_markings[i] if markings is not None: log_transitions = set(prefixes[prefixes_keys[i]]) activated_transitions_labels = set() for m in markings: # add to the set of activated transitions in the model the activated transitions # for each prefix activated_transitions_labels = activated_transitions_labels.union( x.label for x in utils.get_visible_transitions_eventually_enabled_by_marking(net, m) if x.label is not None) escaping_edges = activated_transitions_labels.difference(log_transitions) sum_at += len(activated_transitions_labels) * prefix_count[prefixes_keys[i]] sum_ee += len(escaping_edges) * prefix_count[prefixes_keys[i]] if debug_level > 1: print("") print("prefix=", prefixes_keys[i]) print("log_transitions=", log_transitions) print("activated_transitions=", activated_transitions_labels) print("escaping_edges=", escaping_edges) else: unfit += prefix_count[prefixes_keys[i]] if debug_level > 0: print("\n") print("overall unfit", unfit) print("overall activated transitions", sum_at) print("overall escaping edges", sum_ee) # fix: also the empty prefix should be counted! start_activities = set(get_start_activities(log, parameters=parameters)) trans_en_ini_marking = set([x.label for x in get_visible_transitions_eventually_enabled_by_marking(net, marking)]) diff = trans_en_ini_marking.difference(start_activities) sum_at += len(log) * len(trans_en_ini_marking) sum_ee += len(log) * len(diff) # end fix if sum_at > 0: precision = 1 - float(sum_ee) / float(sum_at) return precision
[docs]def transform_markings_from_sync_to_original_net(markings0, net, parameters=None): """ Transform the markings of the sync net (in which alignment stops) into markings of the original net (in order to measure the precision) Parameters ------------- markings0 Markings on the sync net (expressed as place name with count) net Petri net parameters Parameters of the algorithm Returns ------------- markings Markings of the original model (expressed as place with count) """ if parameters is None: parameters = {} places_corr = { p for p in net.places} markings = [] for i in range(len(markings0)): res_list = markings0[i] # res_list shall be a list of markings. # If it is None, then there is no correspondence markings # in the original Petri net if res_list is not None: # saves all the markings reached by the optimal alignment # as markings of the original net markings.append([]) for j in range(len(res_list)): res = res_list[j] atm = Marking() for pl, count in res.items(): if pl[0] == utils.SKIP: atm[places_corr[pl[1]]] = count markings[-1].append(atm) else: markings.append(None) return markings
[docs]def align_fake_log_stop_marking(fake_log, net, marking, final_marking, parameters=None): """ Align the 'fake' log with all the prefixes in order to get the markings in which the alignment stops Parameters ------------- fake_log Fake log net Petri net marking Marking final_marking Final marking parameters Parameters of the algorithm Returns ------------- alignment For each trace in the log, return the marking in which the alignment stops (expressed as place name with count) """ if parameters is None: parameters = {} show_progress_bar = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.SHOW_PROGRESS_BAR, parameters, True) multiprocessing = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.MULTIPROCESSING, parameters, False) progress = None if pkgutil.find_loader("tqdm") and show_progress_bar and len(fake_log) > 1: from import tqdm progress = tqdm(total=len(fake_log), desc="computing precision with alignments, completed variants :: ") if multiprocessing: align_intermediate_result = __align_log_with_multiprocessing_stop_marking(fake_log, net, marking, final_marking, progress, parameters=parameters) else: align_intermediate_result = __align_log_wo_multiprocessing_stop_marking(fake_log, net, marking, final_marking, progress, parameters=parameters) align_result = [] for i in range(len(align_intermediate_result)): res = align_intermediate_result[i] if res is not None: align_result.append([]) for mark in res: res2 = {} for pl in mark: # transforms the markings for easier correspondence at the end # (distributed engine friendly!) res2[([0],[1])] = mark[pl] align_result[-1].append(res2) else: # if there is no path from the initial marking # replaying the given prefix, then add None align_result.append(None) # gracefully close progress bar if progress is not None: progress.close() del progress return align_result
def __align_log_wo_multiprocessing_stop_marking(fake_log, net, marking, final_marking, progress, parameters=None): align_intermediate_result = [] for i in range(len(fake_log)): res = __align_trace_stop_marking(fake_log[i], net, marking, final_marking, parameters=parameters) align_intermediate_result.append(res) if progress is not None: progress.update() return align_intermediate_result def __align_log_with_multiprocessing_stop_marking(fake_log, net, marking, final_marking, progress, parameters=None): if parameters is not None: parameters = {} import multiprocessing from concurrent.futures import ProcessPoolExecutor num_cores = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.CORES, parameters, multiprocessing.cpu_count() - 2) align_intermediate_result = [] with ProcessPoolExecutor(max_workers=num_cores) as executor: futures = [] for i in range(len(fake_log)): futures.append(executor.submit(__align_trace_stop_marking, fake_log[i], net, marking, final_marking, parameters)) if progress is not None: alignments_ready = 0 while alignments_ready != len(futures): current = 0 for index, variant in enumerate(futures): current = current + 1 if futures[index].done() else current if current > alignments_ready: for i in range(0, current - alignments_ready): progress.update() alignments_ready = current for index, variant in enumerate(futures): align_intermediate_result.append(futures[index].result()) return align_intermediate_result def __align_trace_stop_marking(trace, net, marking, final_marking, parameters=None): sync_net, sync_initial_marking, sync_final_marking = build_sync_net(trace, net, marking, final_marking, parameters=parameters) stop_marking = Marking() for pl, count in sync_final_marking.items(): if[1] == utils.SKIP: stop_marking[pl] = count cost_function = utils.construct_standard_cost_function(sync_net, utils.SKIP) # perform the alignment of the prefix res = precision_utils.__search(sync_net, sync_initial_marking, sync_final_marking, stop_marking, cost_function, utils.SKIP) return res
[docs]def build_sync_net(trace, petri_net, initial_marking, final_marking, parameters=None): """ Build the sync product net between the Petri net and the trace prefix Parameters --------------- trace Trace prefix petri_net Petri net initial_marking Initial marking final_marking Final marking parameters Possible parameters of the algorithm """ if parameters is None: parameters = {} activity_key = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.ACTIVITY_KEY, parameters, xes_constants.DEFAULT_NAME_KEY) trace_net, trace_im, trace_fm = construct_trace_net(trace, activity_key=activity_key) sync_prod, sync_initial_marking, sync_final_marking = construct(trace_net, trace_im, trace_fm, petri_net, initial_marking, final_marking, utils.SKIP) return sync_prod, sync_initial_marking, sync_final_marking