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from collections import Counter
from pm4py.objects.log.obj import EventLog, Event, Trace
from pm4py.util import xes_constants as xes_util
import heapq
from pm4py.objects.petri_net.utils.petri_utils import decorate_places_preset_trans, decorate_transitions_prepostset
from pm4py.objects.petri_net.utils import align_utils as utils
from pm4py.objects.petri_net.utils.incidence_matrix import construct
from pm4py.util import constants

def __search(sync_net, ini, fin, stop, cost_function, skip):

    incidence_matrix = construct(sync_net)
    ini_vec, fin_vec, cost_vec = utils.__vectorize_initial_final_cost(incidence_matrix, ini, fin, cost_function)

    closed = set()

    ini_state = utils.SearchTuple(0, 0, 0, ini, None, None, None, True)
    open_set = [ini_state]
    visited = 0
    queued = 0
    traversed = 0

    # return all the prefix markings of the optimal alignments as set
    ret_markings = None
    # keep track of the optimal cost of an alignment (to trim search when needed)
    optimal_cost = None

    while not len(open_set) == 0:
        curr = heapq.heappop(open_set)

        current_marking = curr.m

        # trim alignments when we already reached an optimal alignment and the
        # current cost is greater than the optimal cost
        if optimal_cost is not None and curr.f > optimal_cost:

        already_closed = current_marking in closed
        if already_closed:

        if stop <= current_marking:
            # add the current marking to the set
            # of returned markings
            if ret_markings is None:
                ret_markings = set()
            # close the marking
            # set the optimal cost
            optimal_cost = curr.f


        visited += 1

        enabled_trans = set()
        for p in current_marking:
            for t in p.ass_trans:
                if t.sub_marking <= current_marking:

        trans_to_visit_with_cost = [(t, cost_function[t]) for t in enabled_trans if
                                    not (t is None or utils.__is_log_move(t, skip) or (
                                            utils.__is_model_move(t, skip) and not t.label[1] is None))]

        for t, cost in trans_to_visit_with_cost:
            traversed += 1
            new_marking = utils.add_markings(current_marking, t.add_marking)

            if new_marking in closed:
            g = curr.g + cost

            queued += 1
            new_f = g

            tp = utils.SearchTuple(new_f, g, 0, new_marking, curr, t, None, True)
            heapq.heappush(open_set, tp)

    return ret_markings

[docs]def get_log_prefixes(log, activity_key=xes_util.DEFAULT_NAME_KEY): """ Get log prefixes Parameters ---------- log Trace log activity_key Activity key (must be provided if different from concept:name) """ prefixes = {} prefix_count = Counter() for trace in log: for i in range(1, len(trace)): red_trace = trace[0:i] prefix = constants.DEFAULT_VARIANT_SEP.join([x[activity_key] for x in red_trace]) next_activity = trace[i][activity_key] if prefix not in prefixes: prefixes[prefix] = set() prefixes[prefix].add(next_activity) prefix_count[prefix] += 1 return prefixes, prefix_count
[docs]def form_fake_log(prefixes_keys, activity_key=xes_util.DEFAULT_NAME_KEY): """ Form fake log for replay (putting each prefix as separate trace to align) Parameters ---------- prefixes_keys Keys of the prefixes (to form a log with a given order) activity_key Activity key (must be provided if different from concept:name) """ fake_log = EventLog() for prefix in prefixes_keys: trace = Trace() prefix_activities = prefix.split(constants.DEFAULT_VARIANT_SEP) for activity in prefix_activities: event = Event() event[activity_key] = activity trace.append(event) fake_log.append(trace) return fake_log