Source code for pm4py.algo.discovery.inductive.variants.im_clean.fall_throughs.activity_concurrent

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    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
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from typing import Dict, Optional, List

import pm4py
from pm4py.algo.discovery.dfg import algorithm as discover_dfg
from pm4py.algo.discovery.inductive.variants.im_clean.cuts import sequence as sequence_cut, loop as loop_cut, \
    xor as xor_cut, concurrency as concurrent_cut
from pm4py.objects.dfg.utils import dfg_utils
from pm4py.objects.log.obj import EventLog
from pm4py.util import constants
from pm4py.algo.discovery.minimum_self_distance import algorithm as msd_algo
from pm4py.algo.discovery.minimum_self_distance import utils as msdw_algo
from pm4py.statistics.end_activities.log import get as get_ends
from pm4py.statistics.start_activities.log import get as get_starters

[docs]def detect(log: EventLog, alphabet: Dict[str, int], act_key: str, use_msd: bool) -> Optional[str]: candidates = set(alphabet.keys()) for t in log: candidates = candidates.intersection(set(map(lambda e: e[act_key], t))) if len(candidates) == 0: return None for a in candidates: proj = EventLog() for t in log: proj.append(pm4py.filter_trace(lambda e: e[act_key] != a, t)) if len(list(filter(lambda t: len(t) == 0, proj))) == 0: dfg_proj = discover_dfg.apply(proj, parameters={ constants.PARAMETER_CONSTANT_ACTIVITY_KEY: act_key}) alphabet_proj = pm4py.get_event_attribute_values(proj, act_key) start_act_proj = get_starters.get_start_activities(proj, parameters={ constants.PARAMETER_CONSTANT_ACTIVITY_KEY: act_key}) end_act_proj = get_ends.get_end_activities(log, parameters={ constants.PARAMETER_CONSTANT_ACTIVITY_KEY: act_key}) pre_proj, post_proj = dfg_utils.get_transitive_relations(dfg_proj, alphabet_proj) cut = sequence_cut.detect(alphabet_proj, pre_proj, post_proj) if cut is not None: return a cut = xor_cut.detect(dfg_proj, alphabet_proj) if cut is not None: return a cut = concurrent_cut.detect(dfg_proj, alphabet_proj, start_act_proj, end_act_proj, msd= msdw_algo.derive_msd_witnesses(proj, msd_algo.apply(log, parameters={ constants.PARAMETER_CONSTANT_ACTIVITY_KEY: act_key}), parameters={ constants.PARAMETER_CONSTANT_ACTIVITY_KEY: act_key}) if use_msd else None) if cut is not None: return a cut = loop_cut.detect(dfg_proj, alphabet_proj, start_act_proj, end_act_proj) if cut is not None: return a return None
[docs]def project(log: EventLog, activity: str, activity_key: str) -> List[EventLog]: proj = EventLog() proj_act = EventLog() for t in log: proj.append(pm4py.filter_trace(lambda e: e[activity_key] != activity, t)) proj_act.append(pm4py.filter_trace(lambda e: e[activity_key] == activity, t)) return [proj_act, proj]