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import logging

[docs]def empty_log(log): '''Returns bool if log is empty''' if len(log) == 0: logging.debug("empty_log") return True else: return False
[docs]def single_activity(log, activity_key): '''Returns bool if log consists of single activity only''' if log: if len(log[0]) >= 1: first_activity = log[0][0][activity_key] for i in range(0, len(log)): if len(log[i]) != 1 or log[i][0][activity_key] != first_activity: return False # if there is a trace that has a length not equal to 1, we return false # check if all traces consist of the same activity, therefore create dfg from log and get activities of that dfg logging_output = "single_activity: " + str(first_activity) logging.debug(logging_output) return True else: return False else: return False