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[docs]def get_freq_triples(df, activity_key="concept:name", case_id_glue="case:concept:name", timestamp_key="time:timestamp", sort_caseid_required=True, sort_timestamp_along_case_id=True): """ Gets the frequency triples out of a dataframe Parameters ------------ df Dataframe activity_key Activity key case_id_glue Case ID glue timestamp_key Timestamp key sort_caseid_required Determine if sort by case ID is required (default: True) sort_timestamp_along_case_id Determine if sort by timestamp is required (default: True) Returns ------------- freq_triples Frequency triples from the dataframe """ import pandas as pd if sort_caseid_required: if sort_timestamp_along_case_id: df = df.sort_values([case_id_glue, timestamp_key]) else: df = df.sort_values(case_id_glue) df_reduced = df[[case_id_glue, activity_key]] # shift the dataframe by 1 df_reduced_1 = df_reduced.shift(-1) # shift the dataframe by 2 df_reduced_2 = df_reduced.shift(-2) # change column names to shifted dataframe df_reduced_1.columns = [str(col) + '_2' for col in df_reduced_1.columns] df_reduced_2.columns = [str(col) + '_3' for col in df_reduced_2.columns] df_successive_rows = pd.concat([df_reduced, df_reduced_1, df_reduced_2], axis=1) df_successive_rows = df_successive_rows[df_successive_rows[case_id_glue] == df_successive_rows[case_id_glue + '_2']] df_successive_rows = df_successive_rows[df_successive_rows[case_id_glue] == df_successive_rows[case_id_glue + '_3']] all_columns = set(df_successive_rows.columns) all_columns = list(all_columns - set([activity_key, activity_key + '_2', activity_key + '_3'])) directly_follows_grouping = df_successive_rows.groupby([activity_key, activity_key + '_2', activity_key + '_3']) if all_columns: directly_follows_grouping = directly_follows_grouping[all_columns[0]] freq_triples = directly_follows_grouping.size().to_dict() return freq_triples