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from pm4py.algo.discovery.footprints.tree.variants import bottomup as bottomup_discovery
from pm4py.objects.process_tree.utils import bottomup as bottomup_util
from enum import Enum

[docs]class Outputs(Enum): DFG = "dfg" SEQUENCE = "sequence" PARALLEL = "parallel" START_ACTIVITIES = "start_activities" END_ACTIVITIES = "end_activities" ACTIVITIES = "activities" SKIPPABLE = "skippable" ACTIVITIES_ALWAYS_HAPPENING = "activities_always_happening" MIN_TRACE_LENGTH = "min_trace_length" TRACE = "trace"
FP_DEV_COLOR = "red" FP_START_END_DEV_COLOR = "blue" FP_ALWAYS_EXECUTED_DEV_COLOR = "orange" FOOTPRINTS_KEY = "footprints" START_ACTIVITIES = "start_activities" END_ACTIVITIES = "end_activities" ALWAYS_EXECUTED = "always_executed"
[docs]def apply(tree, conf_results, parameters=None): """ Projects conformance results on top of the process tree Parameters -------------- tree Process tree conf_results Conformance results (footprints on the entire log vs entire model) parameters Parameters of the algorithm Returns -------------- color_map Color map to be provided to the visualization """ if parameters is None: parameters = {} start_activities = {} end_activities = {} if type(conf_results) is list: raise Exception("the visualization can only be applied with total footprints (not trace-by-trace)!") elif type(conf_results) is dict: footprints = conf_results start_activities = conf_results[START_ACTIVITIES] end_activities = conf_results[END_ACTIVITIES] else: footprints = conf_results bottomup_nodes = bottomup_util.get_bottomup_nodes(tree, parameters=parameters) labels_dictio = {x.label: x for x in bottomup_nodes if x.operator is None and x.label is not None} all_fp_dictio = bottomup_discovery.get_all_footprints(tree, parameters=parameters) conf_colors = {} for res in start_activities: if res in labels_dictio: conf_colors[labels_dictio[res]] = FP_START_END_DEV_COLOR for res in end_activities: if res in labels_dictio: conf_colors[labels_dictio[res]] = FP_START_END_DEV_COLOR for res in footprints: if res[0] in labels_dictio and res[1] in labels_dictio: conf_colors[labels_dictio[res[0]]] = FP_DEV_COLOR conf_colors[labels_dictio[res[1]]] = FP_DEV_COLOR for n in bottomup_nodes: if res[0] in all_fp_dictio[n][Outputs.ACTIVITIES.value] and res[1] in all_fp_dictio[n][ Outputs.ACTIVITIES.value]: conf_colors[n] = FP_DEV_COLOR break return conf_colors