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from pm4py.algo.analysis.woflan.place_invariants.uniform_invariant import apply as compute_uniform_invariants

[docs]def apply(net): """ General method to obtain a list of S-components :param net: Petri Net for which S-components should be computed :return: A list of S-components """ uniform_invariants=compute_uniform_invariants(net) return compute_s_components(net, uniform_invariants)
[docs]def compute_s_components(net, p_invariants): """ We perform the hint in 5.4.4 of :param p_invariants: Semi-positive basis we calculate previously :return: A list of S-Components. A s-component consists of a set which includes all related transitions a places """ def compare_lists(list1, list2): """ :param list1: a list :param list2: a list :return: a number how often a item from list1 appears in list2 """ counter = 0 for el in list1: if el in list2: counter += 1 return counter s_components = [] place_list = list(net.places) for invariant in p_invariants: i = 0 s_component = [] for el in invariant: if el > 0: place = place_list[i] s_component.append(place) for in_arc in place.in_arcs: s_component.append(in_arc.source) for out_arc in place.out_arcs: s_component.append( i += 1 if len(s_component) != 0: is_s_component = True for el in s_component: if el in net.transitions: places_before = [arc.source for arc in el.in_arcs] if compare_lists(s_component, places_before) != 1: is_s_component = False break places_after = [ for arc in el.out_arcs] if compare_lists(s_component, places_after) != 1: is_s_component = False break if is_s_component: s_components.append(set(s_component)) return s_components
[docs]def compute_uncovered_places_in_component(s_components, net): """ We check for uncovered places :param s_components: List of s_components :param net: Petri Net representation of PM4Py :return: List of uncovered places """ place_list=list(net.places) for component in s_components: for el in component: if el in place_list: place_list.remove(el) return place_list