pm4py.statistics.overlap.interval_events.log package


pm4py.statistics.overlap.interval_events.log.get module

class pm4py.statistics.overlap.interval_events.log.get.Parameters(value)[source]

Bases: enum.Enum

An enumeration.

START_TIMESTAMP_KEY = 'pm4py:param:start_timestamp_key'
TIMESTAMP_KEY = 'pm4py:param:timestamp_key'
pm4py.statistics.overlap.interval_events.log.get.apply(log: Union[pm4py.objects.log.obj.EventLog, pm4py.objects.log.obj.EventStream], parameters: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None) → List[int][source]

Counts the intersections of each interval event with the other interval events of the log (all the events are considered, not looking at the activity)

  • log – Event log

  • parameters – Parameters of the algorithm, including: - Parameters.START_TIMESTAMP_KEY => the attribute to consider as start timestamp - Parameters.TIMESTAMP_KEY => the attribute to consider as timestamp


For each interval event, ordered by the order of appearance in the log, associates the number of intersecting events.

Return type


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