pm4py.simulation.playout package


pm4py.simulation.playout.simulator module

class pm4py.simulation.playout.simulator.Variants(value)[source]

Bases: enum.Enum

An enumeration.

BASIC_PLAYOUT = <module 'pm4py.simulation.playout.variants.basic_playout' from 'C:\\Users\\berti\\FRAUNHOFER\\pm4py-core\\pm4py\\simulation\\playout\\variants\\'>
EXTENSIVE = <module 'pm4py.simulation.playout.variants.extensive' from 'C:\\Users\\berti\\FRAUNHOFER\\pm4py-core\\pm4py\\simulation\\playout\\variants\\'>
STOCHASTIC_PLAYOUT = <module 'pm4py.simulation.playout.variants.stochastic_playout' from 'C:\\Users\\berti\\FRAUNHOFER\\pm4py-core\\pm4py\\simulation\\playout\\variants\\'>
pm4py.simulation.playout.simulator.apply(net, initial_marking, final_marking=None, parameters=None, variant=<Variants.BASIC_PLAYOUT: <module 'pm4py.simulation.playout.variants.basic_playout' from 'C:\\Users\\berti\\FRAUNHOFER\\pm4py-core\\pm4py\\simulation\\playout\\variants\\'>>)[source]

Do the playout of a Petrinet generating a log

  • net – Petri net to play-out

  • initial_marking – Initial marking of the Petri net

  • final_marking – (if provided) Final marking of the Petri net

  • parameters – Parameters of the algorithm

  • variant

    Variant of the algorithm to use:
    • Variants.BASIC_PLAYOUT: selects random traces from the model, without looking at the

    frequency of the transitions - Variants.STOCHASTIC_PLAYOUT: selects random traces from the model, looking at the stochastic frequency of the transitions. Requires the provision of the stochastic map or the log. - Variants.EXTENSIVE: gets all the traces from the model. can be expensive

Deprecated since version 2.2.5: This will be removed in 3.0. Use the pm4py.algo.simulation.playout package

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