pm4py.simulation.montecarlo package


pm4py.simulation.montecarlo.outputs module

class pm4py.simulation.montecarlo.outputs.Outputs(value)[source]

Bases: enum.Enum

An enumeration.

OUTPUT_CASES_EX_TIME = 'cases_ex_time'
OUTPUT_CASE_ARRIVAL_RATIO = 'input_case_arrival_ratio'
OUTPUT_MEDIAN_CASES_EX_TIME = 'median_cases_ex_time'
OUTPUT_PLACES_INTERVAL_TREES = 'places_interval_trees'
OUTPUT_TOTAL_CASES_TIME = 'total_cases_time'
OUTPUT_TRANSITIONS_INTERVAL_TREES = 'transitions_interval_trees'

pm4py.simulation.montecarlo.parameters module

class pm4py.simulation.montecarlo.parameters.Parameters(value)[source]

Bases: enum.Enum

An enumeration.

ACTIVITY_KEY = 'pm4py:param:activity_key'
PARAM_CASE_ARRIVAL_RATIO = 'case_arrival_ratio'
PARAM_DEFAULT_NUM_RESOURCES_PER_PLACE = 'default_num_resources_per_place'
PARAM_DIAGN_INTERVAL = 'diagn_interval'
PARAM_ENABLE_DIAGNOSTICS = 'enable_diagnostics'
PARAM_FORCE_DISTRIBUTION = 'force_distribution'
PARAM_MAP_RESOURCES_PER_PLACE = 'map_resources_per_place'
PARAM_MAX_THREAD_EXECUTION_TIME = 'max_thread_exec_time'
PARAM_NUM_SIMULATIONS = 'num_simulations'
PARAM_PROVIDED_SMAP = 'provided_stochastic_map'
PARAM_SMALL_SCALE_FACTOR = 'small_scale_factor'
TIMESTAMP_KEY = 'pm4py:param:timestamp_key'
TOKEN_REPLAY_VARIANT = 'token_replay_variant'

pm4py.simulation.montecarlo.simulator module

class pm4py.simulation.montecarlo.simulator.Variants(value)[source]

Bases: enum.Enum

An enumeration.

PETRI_SEMAPH_FIFO = <module 'pm4py.simulation.montecarlo.variants.petri_semaph_fifo' from 'C:\\Users\\berti\\FRAUNHOFER\\pm4py-core\\pm4py\\simulation\\montecarlo\\variants\\'>
pm4py.simulation.montecarlo.simulator.apply(log, net, im, fm, variant=<Variants.PETRI_SEMAPH_FIFO: <module 'pm4py.simulation.montecarlo.variants.petri_semaph_fifo' from 'C:\\Users\\berti\\FRAUNHOFER\\pm4py-core\\pm4py\\simulation\\montecarlo\\variants\\'>>, parameters=None)[source]

Performs a Monte Carlo simulation of an accepting Petri net without duplicate transitions and where the preset is always distinct from the postset

  • log – Event log

  • net – Accepting Petri net without duplicate transitions and where the preset is always distinct from the postset

  • im – Initial marking

  • fm – Final marking

  • variant – Variant of the algorithm to use: - Variants.PETRI_SEMAPH_FIFO

  • parameters

    Parameters of the algorithm:

    Parameters.PARAM_NUM_SIMULATIONS => (default: 100) Parameters.PARAM_FORCE_DISTRIBUTION => Force a particular stochastic distribution (e.g. normal) when the stochastic map is discovered from the log (default: None; no distribution is forced) Parameters.PARAM_ENABLE_DIAGNOSTICS => Enable the printing of diagnostics (default: True) Parameters.PARAM_DIAGN_INTERVAL => Interval of time in which diagnostics of the simulation are printed (default: 32) Parameters.PARAM_CASE_ARRIVAL_RATIO => Case arrival of new cases (default: None; inferred from the log) Parameters.PARAM_PROVIDED_SMAP => Stochastic map that is used in the simulation (default: None; inferred from the log) Parameters.PARAM_MAP_RESOURCES_PER_PLACE => Specification of the number of resources available per place (default: None; each place gets the default number of resources) Parameters.PARAM_DEFAULT_NUM_RESOURCES_PER_PLACE => Default number of resources per place when not specified (default: 1; each place gets 1 resource and has to wait for the resource to finish) Parameters.PARAM_SMALL_SCALE_FACTOR => Scale factor for the sleeping time of the actual simulation (default: 864000.0, 10gg) Parameters.PARAM_MAX_THREAD_EXECUTION_TIME => Maximum execution time per thread (default: 60.0, 1 minute)


  • simulated_log – Simulated event log

  • simulation_result

    Result of the simulation:

    Outputs.OUTPUT_PLACES_INTERVAL_TREES => inteval trees that associate to each place the times in which it was occupied. Outputs.OUTPUT_TRANSITIONS_INTERVAL_TREES => interval trees that associate to each transition the intervals of time in which it could not fire because some token was in the output. Outputs.OUTPUT_CASES_EX_TIME => Throughput time of the cases included in the simulated log Outputs.OUTPUT_MEDIAN_CASES_EX_TIME => Median of the throughput times Outputs.OUTPUT_CASE_ARRIVAL_RATIO => Case arrival ratio that was specified in the simulation Outputs.OUTPUT_TOTAL_CASES_TIME => Total time occupied by cases of the simulated log

Deprecated since version 2.2.5: This will be removed in 3.0. Use the pm4py.algo.simulation.montecarlo package

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