pm4py.evaluation.soundness.woflan.graphs.minimal_coverability_graph package


pm4py.evaluation.soundness.woflan.graphs.minimal_coverability_graph.minimal_coverability_graph module

This module is based on: The minimal coverability graph for Petri nets from Alain Finkel

pm4py.evaluation.soundness.woflan.graphs.minimal_coverability_graph.minimal_coverability_graph.apply(net, initial_marking, original_net=None)[source]

Apply method from the “outside”. :param net: Petri Net object :param initial_marking: Initial marking of the Petri Net object :param original_net: Petri Net object without short-circuited transition. For better usability, initial set to None :return: MultiDiGraph networkx object

pm4py.evaluation.soundness.woflan.graphs.minimal_coverability_graph.minimal_coverability_graph.minimal_coverability_tree(net, initial_marking, original_net=None)[source]

This method computes the minimal coverability tree. It is part of a method to obtain a minial coverability graph :param net: Petri Net :param initial_marking: Initial Marking of the Petri Net :param original_net: Petri Net without short-circuited transition :return: Minimal coverability tree

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