pm4py.evaluation.simplicity.variants package


pm4py.evaluation.simplicity.variants.arc_degree module

class pm4py.evaluation.simplicity.variants.arc_degree.Parameters(value)[source]

Bases: enum.Enum

An enumeration.

K = 'k'
pm4py.evaluation.simplicity.variants.arc_degree.apply(petri_net, parameters=None)[source]

Gets simplicity from a Petri net

Vázquez-Barreiros, Borja, Manuel Mucientes, and Manuel Lama. “ProDiGen: Mining complete, precise and minimal structure process models with a genetic algorithm.” Information Sciences 294 (2015): 315-333.

  • petri_net – Petri net

  • parameters

    Possible parameters of the algorithm:
    • K: defines the value to be substracted in the formula: the lower is the value,

    the lower is the simplicity value. k is the baseline arc degree (that is subtracted from the others)


Simplicity measure associated to the Petri net

Return type


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