pm4py.algo.discovery.batches.utils package


pm4py.algo.discovery.batches.utils.detection module

class pm4py.algo.discovery.batches.utils.detection.BatchType(value)[source]

Bases: enum.Enum

An enumeration.

BATCHING_END = 'Batching on End'
BATCHING_START = 'Batching on Start'
CONC_BATCHING = 'Concurrent batching'
SEQ_BATCHING = 'Sequential batching'
SIMULTANEOUS = 'Simultaneous'
class pm4py.algo.discovery.batches.utils.detection.Parameters(value)[source]

Bases: enum.Enum

An enumeration.

MERGE_DISTANCE = 'merge_distance'
MIN_BATCH_SIZE = 'min_batch_size'
pm4py.algo.discovery.batches.utils.detection.detect(actres_grouping: Dict[Tuple[str, str], List[Tuple[float, float, str]]], parameters: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None) → List[Tuple[Tuple[str, str], int, Dict[str, Any]]][source]

Provided an activity-resource grouping of the events of the event log, returns a list having as elements the activity-resources with the batches that are detected, divided in: - Simultaneous (all the events in the batch have identical start and end timestamps) - Batching at start (all the events in the batch have identical start timestamp) - Batching at end (all the events in the batch have identical end timestamp) - Sequential batching (for all the consecutive events, the end of the first is equal to the start of the second) - Concurrent batching (for all the consecutive events that are not sequentially matched)

The approach has been described in the following paper: Martin, N., Swennen, M., Depaire, B., Jans, M., Caris, A., & Vanhoof, K. (2015, December). Batch Processing: Definition and Event Log Identification. In SIMPDA (pp. 137-140).

  • actres_grouping – Activity-resource grouping of events

  • parameters – Parameters of the algorithm


A (sorted) list containing tuples. Each tuple contain: - Index 0: the activity-resource for which at least one batch has been detected - Index 1: the number of batches for the given activity-resource - Index 2: a list containing all the batches. Each batch is described by:

# The start timestamp of the batch # The complete timestamp of the batch # The list of events that are executed in the batch

Return type


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