Source code for pm4py.streaming.algo.conformance.temporal.algorithm

from enum import Enum
from typing import Optional, Dict, Any

from pm4py.streaming.algo.conformance.temporal.variants import classic
from pm4py.util import exec_utils
from pm4py.util import typing

[docs]class Variants(Enum): CLASSIC = classic
[docs]def apply(temporal_profile: typing.TemporalProfile, variant=Variants.CLASSIC, parameters: Optional[Dict[Any, Any]] = None): """ Initialize the streaming conformance checking Parameters --------------- temporal_profile Temporal profile variant Variant of the algorithm, possible values: - Variants.CLASSIC parameters Parameters of the algorithm, including: - Parameters.ACTIVITY_KEY => the attribute to use as activity - Parameters.START_TIMESTAMP_KEY => the attribute to use as start timestamp - Parameters.TIMESTAMP_KEY => the attribute to use as timestamp - Parameters.ZETA => multiplier for the standard deviation - Parameters.CASE_ID_KEY => column to use as case identifier - Parameters.DICT_VARIANT => the variant of dictionary to use - Parameters.CASE_DICT_ID => the identifier of the case dictionary - Parameters.DEV_DICT_ID => the identifier of the deviations dictionary """ return exec_utils.get_variant(variant).apply(temporal_profile, parameters=parameters)