Source code for pm4py.streaming.algo.conformance.tbr.variants.classic

from pm4py.util import constants, exec_utils, xes_constants
from pm4py.streaming.util.dictio import generator
import logging
from pm4py.objects.petri_net.obj import PetriNet, Marking
from pm4py.streaming.algo.interface import StreamingAlgorithm
from pm4py.objects.petri_net import semantics
from copy import copy
import sys

[docs]class Parameters: DICT_VARIANT = "dict_variant" DICT_ID = "dict_id" CASE_DICT_ID = "case_dict_id" MISSING_DICT_ID = "missing_dict_id" REMAINING_DICT_ID = "remaining_dict_id" CASE_ID_KEY = constants.PARAMETER_CONSTANT_CASEID_KEY ACTIVITY_KEY = constants.PARAMETER_CONSTANT_ACTIVITY_KEY MAXIMUM_ITERATIONS_INVISIBLES = "maximum_iterations_invisibles"
[docs]class TbrStreamingConformance(StreamingAlgorithm): def __init__(self, net, im, fm, parameters=None): """ Initialize the token-based replay streaming conformance Parameters -------------- net Petri net im Initial marking fm Final marking """ if parameters is None: parameters = {} self.case_id_key = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.CASE_ID_KEY, parameters, constants.CASE_CONCEPT_NAME) self.activity_key = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.ACTIVITY_KEY, parameters, xes_constants.DEFAULT_NAME_KEY) self.maximum_iterations_invisibles = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.MAXIMUM_ITERATIONS_INVISIBLES, parameters, 10) = net = im = fm self.places_inv_dict = { x for x in net.places} self.activities = list(set(x.label for x in self.dictio_spaths = self.get_paths_net() self.build_dictionaries(parameters=parameters) StreamingAlgorithm.__init__(self)
[docs] def build_dictionaries(self, parameters): """ Builds the dictionaries needed to store the information during the replay Parameters --------------- parameters Parameters: - Parameters.DICT_VARIANT: type of dictionary to use - Parameters.CASE_DICT_ID: identifier of the dictionary hosting the markings (0) - Parameters.MISSING_DICT_ID: identifier of the dictionary hosting the missing tokens (1) - Parameters.REMAINING_DICT_ID: identifier of the dictionary hosting the remaining tokens (2) """ dict_variant = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.DICT_VARIANT, parameters, generator.Variants.THREAD_SAFE) case_dict_id = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.CASE_DICT_ID, parameters, 0) missing_dict_id = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.MISSING_DICT_ID, parameters, 1) remaining_dict_id = exec_utils.get_param_value(Parameters.REMAINING_DICT_ID, parameters, 2) parameters_case_dict = copy(parameters) parameters_case_dict[Parameters.DICT_ID] = case_dict_id parameters_missing = copy(parameters) parameters_case_dict[Parameters.DICT_ID] = missing_dict_id parameters_remaining = copy(parameters) parameters_remaining[Parameters.DICT_ID] = remaining_dict_id self.case_dict = generator.apply(variant=dict_variant, parameters=parameters_case_dict) self.missing = generator.apply(variant=dict_variant, parameters=parameters_missing) self.remaining = generator.apply(variant=dict_variant, parameters=parameters_remaining)
[docs] def get_paths_net(self): """ Gets the dictionary of shortest paths using invisibles transitions Returns --------------- dictio_spaths Dictionary of shortest paths """ import networkx as nx G = nx.DiGraph() for pl in G.add_node(pl) for tr in G.add_node(tr) if tr.label is None: for a in tr.out_arcs: target_place = G.add_edge(tr, target_place) for a in tr.in_arcs: source_place = a.source G.add_edge(source_place, tr) shortest_path = nx.all_pairs_shortest_path(G) dictio_spaths = {} for el in shortest_path: if type(el[0]) is PetriNet.Place: for sel in el[1]: spath = [x for x in el[1][sel][1:-2] if type(x) is PetriNet.Transition] if spath: if not el[0] in dictio_spaths: dictio_spaths[el[0]] = {} dictio_spaths[el[0]][sel] = spath return dictio_spaths
def _process(self, event): """ Checks the event according to the TBR Parameters --------------- event Event (dictionary) Returns --------------- boolean Boolean value """ case = event[self.case_id_key] if self.case_id_key in event else None activity = event[self.activity_key] if self.activity_key in event else None if case is not None and activity is not None: self.verify_tbr(self.encode_str(case), activity) else: self.message_case_or_activity_not_in_event(event)
[docs] def encode_str(self, stru): """ Encodes a string for storage in generic dictionaries """ return str(stru)
[docs] def encode_marking(self, mark): """ Encodes a marking for storage in generic dictionaries """ em = {} for pl in mark: em[] = mark[pl] return str(em)
[docs] def decode_marking(self, ems): """ Decodes a marking from a generic dictionary to a Marking object """ em = eval(ems) mark = Marking() for p in em: mark[self.places_inv_dict[p]] = em[p] return mark
[docs] def verify_tbr(self, case, activity): """ Verifies an activity happening in a case Parameters -------------- case Case activity Activity """ if activity in self.activities: if case not in self.case_dict: self.case_dict[case] = self.encode_marking(copy( self.missing[case] = 0 self.remaining[case] = 0 marking = self.decode_marking(self.case_dict[case]) new_marking = marking prev_marking = None correct_exec = False numb_it = 0 while new_marking is not None and prev_marking != new_marking: numb_it = numb_it + 1 if numb_it > self.maximum_iterations_invisibles: break enabled_transitions = semantics.enabled_transitions(, new_marking) matching_transitions = [x for x in enabled_transitions if x.label == activity] if matching_transitions: new_marking = semantics.weak_execute(matching_transitions[0], new_marking) self.case_dict[case] = self.encode_marking(new_marking) correct_exec = True break prev_marking = new_marking new_marking = self.enable_trans_with_invisibles(new_marking, activity) correct_exec = False if correct_exec is False: self.message_missing_tokens(activity, case) # enables one of the matching transitions matching_transitions = [x for x in if x.label == activity] t = matching_transitions[0] for a in t.in_arcs: pl = a.source mark = a.weight if pl not in marking or new_marking[pl] < mark: self.missing[case] = int(self.missing[case]) + (mark - marking[pl]) marking[pl] = mark new_marking = semantics.weak_execute(t, marking) self.case_dict[case] = self.encode_marking(new_marking) else: self.message_activity_not_possible(activity, case)
[docs] def enable_trans_with_invisibles(self, marking, activity): """ Enables a visible transition (that is not enabled) through invisible transitions Parameters ---------------- marking Marking activity Activity to enable Returns --------------- new_marking New marking (where the transition CAN be enabled) """ corr_trans_to_act = [x for x in if x.label == activity] spath = None spath_length = sys.maxsize for pl in marking: for tr in corr_trans_to_act: if pl in self.dictio_spaths: if tr in self.dictio_spaths[pl]: new_path = self.dictio_spaths[pl][tr] if len(new_path) < spath_length: spath = new_path spath_length = len(spath) if spath is not None: # try to fire the transitions for tr in spath: if tr in semantics.enabled_transitions(, marking): marking = semantics.weak_execute(tr, marking) else: return None return marking return None
[docs] def get_status(self, case): """ Gets the status of an open case Parameters ---------------- case Case """ if case in self.case_dict: return {"marking": self.decode_marking(self.case_dict[case]), "missing": int(self.missing[case])} else: self.message_case_not_in_dictionary(case)
[docs] def terminate(self, case): """ Terminate a case, checking if the final marking is reached Parameters ---------------- case Case ID Returns --------------- dictio Dictionary containing: the marking, the count of missing and remaining tokens """ case = self.encode_str(case) if case in self.case_dict: remaining = 0 if not self.decode_marking(self.case_dict[case]) == new_marking = self.reach_fm_with_invisibles(self.case_dict[case]) if new_marking is None: new_marking = self.decode_marking(self.case_dict[case]) if not new_marking == self.message_final_marking_not_reached(case, new_marking) fm_copy = copy( for m in fm_copy: if not m in new_marking: new_marking[m] = 0 self.missing[case] = int(self.missing[case]) + (fm_copy[m] - new_marking[m]) for m in new_marking: if not m in fm_copy: fm_copy[m] = 0 remaining += new_marking[m] - fm_copy[m] missing = int(self.missing[case]) is_fit = missing == 0 and remaining == 0 ret = {"marking": self.decode_marking(self.case_dict[case]), "missing": missing, "remaining": remaining, "is_fit": is_fit} del self.case_dict[case] del self.missing[case] del self.remaining[case] return ret else: self.message_case_not_in_dictionary(case)
[docs] def terminate_all(self): """ Terminate all open cases """ cases = list(self.case_dict.keys()) for case in cases: self.terminate(case)
[docs] def reach_fm_with_invisibles(self, marking): """ Reaches the final marking using invisible transitions Parameters -------------- marking Marking Returns -------------- new_marking New marking (hopely equal to the final marking) """ spath = None spath_length = sys.maxsize for pl in marking: if pl in self.dictio_spaths: for pl2 in if pl2 in self.dictio_spaths[pl]: new_path = self.dictio_spaths[pl][pl2] if len(new_path) < spath_length: spath = new_path spath_length = len(spath) if spath is not None: # try to fire the transitions for tr in spath: if tr in semantics.enabled_transitions(, marking): marking = semantics.weak_execute(tr, marking) else: return None return marking return None
[docs] def message_case_or_activity_not_in_event(self, event): """ Sends a message if the case or the activity are not there in the event """ logging.error("case or activities are none! " + str(event))
[docs] def message_activity_not_possible(self, activity, case): """ Sends a message if the activity is not possible according to the model Parameters --------------- activity Activity case Case """ logging.error("the activity " + str(activity) + " is not possible according to the model! case: " + str(case))
[docs] def message_missing_tokens(self, activity, case): """ Sends a message if the insertion of missing tokens occur Parameters --------------- activity Activity case Case """ logging.error( "the activity " + str(activity) + " could not be executed without inserting missing tokens! case: " + str( case))
[docs] def message_case_not_in_dictionary(self, case): """ Sends a message if the provided case is not in the dictionary Parameters --------------- activity Activity case Case """ logging.error("the case " + str(case) + " is not in the dictionary! case: " + str(case))
[docs] def message_final_marking_not_reached(self, case, marking): """ Sends a message if the final marking could not be reached for the current case Parameters --------------- case Case """ logging.error("the final marking is not reached! case: " + str(case) + " marking: " + str( marking) + " final marking: " + str( pass
def _current_result(self): """ Gets a diagnostics dataframe with the status of the cases Returns ------- diagn_df Diagnostics dataframe """ import pandas as pd cases = list(self.case_dict.keys()) diagn_stream = [] for case in cases: status = self.get_status(case) missing = status["missing"] is_fit = missing == 0 diagn_stream.append({"case": case, "is_fit": is_fit, "missing": missing}) return pd.DataFrame(diagn_stream)
[docs]def apply(net, im, fm, parameters=None): """ Method that creates the TbrStreamingConformance object Parameters ---------------- net Petri net im Initial marking fm Final marking parameters Parameters of the algorithm Returns ---------------- conf_stream_obj Conformance streaming object """ return TbrStreamingConformance(net, im, fm, parameters=parameters)