Source code for pm4py.simulation.tree_playout.algorithm

from pm4py.simulation.tree_playout.variants import basic_playout, extensive, topbottom
from enum import Enum
from pm4py.util import exec_utils
import deprecation
from pm4py.meta import VERSION
import warnings

[docs]class Variants(Enum): BASIC_PLAYOUT = basic_playout EXTENSIVE = extensive TOPBOTTOM = topbottom
[docs]@deprecation.deprecated(deprecated_in="2.2.5", removed_in="3.0", current_version=VERSION, details="Use the pm4py.algo.simulation.tree_playout package") def apply(tree, variant=DEFAULT_VARIANT, parameters=None): """ Performs a playout of a process tree Parameters --------------- tree Process tree variant Variant of the algorithm: - Variants.BASIC_PLAYOUT: basic playout - Variants.EXTENSIVE: extensive playout (all the possible traces) parameters Parameters of the algorithm """ warnings.warn("Use the pm4py.algo.simulation.tree_playout package") if parameters is None: parameters = {} return exec_utils.get_variant(variant).apply(tree, parameters=parameters)