Install a Windows C/C++ compiler

Since we are using some dependenices, e.g. ciso8604, you also need a C/C++ compiler. We suggest to install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 compiler, that available for free through the following link: Microsoft Visual Studio


During installation, it is vital to install all C++ related development tools. Note that this leads to a big download, i.e. around 6GB.

Install GraphViz

For the purpose of visualization with pm4py, GraphViz installation is required. To install GraphViz, the installer on this page could be used: GraphViz

After installation, GraphViz is located in the program files directory. The bin\ subfolder of the GraphViz directory needs to be added manually to the system path. For Windows 10, we suggest the following article in order to have an explanation of how to add a new folder to the system path: Adding a folder to the system path

Install Anaconda/Miniconda

A full Anaconda 5.2.0 or a Miniconda 4.5.x installation (both are based on Python 3.6.x) is suggested. We cannot state that previous versions of Python will work out. Anaconda is a free and open source distribution of the Python programming language for data science and machine learning related applications. If you have not install any variant, we suggest Miniconda. Click here to install Anaconda.

You can also install Miniconda.

During the installation of the Miniconda distribution, it is important to select the addition of Miniconda Python to the system path option. This allows us to get easy access to Python from the command line / Powershell.

C:\>cd C:\Users\johndoe\pm4py-source

Install PM4Py

In order to install PM4Py and its dependencies, the following command should be executed:

pip install pm4py

.zip file

A .zip file containing Windows 64-bit Miniconda 3.6 distribution and all the dependencies already installed could be found at clicking here.